Beachcombing and Hiking Galore!

Miles and miles of sandy beaches and trails 10 minutes away at Long Beach, Pacific Rim National Park or explore Ucluelet’s rugged black volcanic coastline via the Wild Pacific Trail. We are within walking distance to Wild Pacific Trail and just a few minutes drive to Long Beach and Pacific Rim National Park.

Long Beach Nature

Now that you have planned your trip to the spectacular West Coast of Vancouver Island, it’s time to pack your sunglasses, raingear and polar fleece (they’re not mutually exclusive here) and get ready to discover the natural wonders in and around Tofino, Ucluelet and the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve.

Looking for spectacular sunsets, moss-covered secrets of the old-growth forest, the ins and outs of the intertidal zone and an ocean of more in-depth knowledge? Our select team of experienced, enthusiastic, and frankly encyclopedic guides will lead you to the answers – along with some photogenic spots, naturally…

They will create at tour four your interests, ability, and even your timeframe!

Green Wave

If you like, take a walk with a local forester and hiker! See Bill Perry’s site for Seaside Scrambles, rainforest hikes and custom hikes.

Wild Pacific Trail

See Tide Tables for local tide information to make sure your heading out at the perfect time.

Also check out Long Beach Maps for the local trails in the Pacific Rim National Park!