Want to SEE a BEAR?

Whale and Bear Watching Tour Operators:

Archipelago Wildlife Cruises – www.archipelagocruises.com
Jamie’s Whaling Station – www.jamies.com
Subtidal Adventures – www.subtidaladventures.com
Aquamarine Advenures Seafari at the Barkley Adventure Station – Aquamarine Adventures

We are withing walking distance to all tour operators. Black bears are common in Ucluelet. Lovely to see from a distance. Please ensure that you do not get near the bears – either on foot or in your vehicles. Bears that have been desensitized to human contact through proximity, feeding or easy sources of human food become “problem” bears. Unfortunately, that does mean several are put down each year to protect human safety. A bear watching tour will put you a safe viewing distance away. Bears are also commonly sighted at the Thornton Creek Hatchery – 20 minutes from Ucluelet.

In house guests, should be vigilant about ensuring that they do not place garbage or coolers outside. Bears will recognize objects (such as empty or full coolers) that they have had previous success with. We also have “night-bandits” – raccoons. Crows are also quick to take advantage of shiny or tasty bits left outside. We have witnessed our crazy crows flying off with full boxes of Kleenex from our maids carts!