Kennedy Lake Provincial Park

Yes we have a lake too!

lake 1

Thought we were all about the ocean and the rainforest? Visit Kennedy Lake, just 15-20 minute drive. You’ll pass the lake on the way into town. Many people often think that Kennedy Lake is the Pacific Ocean as they near Ucluelet! Scores of Ucluelet children learned to swim at this lake prior to the opening of the West Coast Motel swimming pool.
Kennedy Lake Provincial Park

lake 2

Virgin Falls

Kennedy Lake is also home to one of Canada’s Top Ten Waterfalls(Number 8 on the list)known as Virgin Falls. If you are an outdoor enthusiast then this is an adventure for you. About an hour drive on local logging roads you can come across one of the Ucluelet’s most beautiful secrets. Fall or Spring can be the best time to view the falls. Have a look through our slideshow below to see what your missing out on!

Photo’s by Keshia Cassibo